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30 Apr

‘Nude’ is a colour I had never considered wearing until about a week ago when I saw a girl in a beautiful peachy-pink silk tunic getting onto the tube. Since then, I have had a mild obsessions with the colour. There is something so wonderfully fresh and elegant about it whilst also seeming very relaxed and not at all try-too-hard. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend decking yourself out head-to-toe in the colour, one carefully chosen item looks stunning. I would wear the jumper with dark grey skinny jeans or leggings and white pumps or the peach jeans with a simple white tshirt and black belt.

1. Peach Jeans, £40. Topshop.

2. Nude Lace Vest, £18. Miss Selfridge.

3. Midnight Flower Statement Headband, £10. Accesorize.

4. Knitted Pointelle Jumper, £35. Topshop.

5. Meadow Peplum Tunic, £38. Topshop.