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Prima Ballerina

1 Jun

I’ve had a slight obsession with ballerinas lately and have been pirouetting and leaping my way around my house, albeit with all the grace of a baby elephant (we have a few less plates than we did a week ago). However, even if I cannot imitate ballerinas in movement, at least I can attempt in style. These are a few of my favourites.

1. Nude Lace Back Top, £30. Miss Selfridge.

2. Broderie Cutwork Skirt, £50. Warehouse.

3.  1/2 Sleeve Body in Cream, £14. Topshop.

4. Feather Skirt, £80. Oasis.

5. Nude Leather Ballerina Shoe, £25. Miss Selfridge.

6. Embellished Bow Headband, £10. Topshop.


Amongst the Flowers

15 May

I think I shall call this the ‘vintage picnic’ trend. To try it out, look for beautifully flowy florals and light airy fabrics and aim for just the right amount of kitsch but with a grown up elegance too. To save it from being too saccharine and girly, add a touch of masculinity in the form of brogue-esque or lace-up shoes.

1. ‘Attention Please’ shoe, Office. £55.

2.’Arthur Daily’ shoe, Office. £45.

3. Printed Heart Stud Earrings, Accesorize. £4.

4. Nude Lace Trim Dress, Miss Selfridge. £35.

5. Floral Printed Day Dress, Miss Selfridge. £45.


30 Apr

‘Nude’ is a colour I had never considered wearing until about a week ago when I saw a girl in a beautiful peachy-pink silk tunic getting onto the tube. Since then, I have had a mild obsessions with the colour. There is something so wonderfully fresh and elegant about it whilst also seeming very relaxed and not at all try-too-hard. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend decking yourself out head-to-toe in the colour, one carefully chosen item looks stunning. I would wear the jumper with dark grey skinny jeans or leggings and white pumps or the peach jeans with a simple white tshirt and black belt.

1. Peach Jeans, £40. Topshop.

2. Nude Lace Vest, £18. Miss Selfridge.

3. Midnight Flower Statement Headband, £10. Accesorize.

4. Knitted Pointelle Jumper, £35. Topshop.

5. Meadow Peplum Tunic, £38. Topshop.