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TopFour: Tomato Talons

13 Apr

Ever since the sun began peeking out, I’ve been noticing nails of such a shade that they draw your eye instantly and you can’t quite look away. It’s not quite red and it’s not really orange, and after much thought, I’ve decided to call it ‘Tomato’. It’s such a zingy, happy, undeniably summery shade that really does pop out at you. The important thing is to make sure you paint enough coats so that it’s solid, brash and in your face. Also, cover with a super shiny top coat for the ultimate in attention grabbing nails. Virtually guaranteed to cheer you up.

1. Clam Bake, Essie.

2. Diva on the Dunes, Jessica.

3. Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It, O.P.I.

4. Draycott Place, Nails Inc.


Over the Rainbow

22 Jun

Sometimes, when putting together at outfit, my childish side comes out and I find myself with a giant bow in my hair, cartoon socks or, in this case, rainbow nails. There have been a lot of pastel nails around this summer and it’s difficult to choose between a rosy pink or an apple green, a lavender or a sunny yellow, or my current favourite – a beautiful sky blue. Why not all five? One colour per finger. Here is my ideal rainbow combination.

1. Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot, O.P.I.

2. Bees Knees, Topshop.

3. Gargantuan Green Grape, O.P.I.

4. The Big Easy, Topshop.

5. Do You Lilac It? O.P.I.

TopFour: Feeling Blue

26 May

Inspired by the recent posts of Katie at FashionClocked, I have been on a quest for sky blue nails. It is such an uplifting shade and really a fresh and much overdue change from the gothic, dark nails that seem to have been the go-to shade for years. Scouring the internet for blue shades, I have found that there are a lot of ‘bad blues’ – overly vivid, shimmery and reminiscent of a child’s makeup play set. Instead, I recommend going for a slightly muted, matte shade that keeps it subtle and modern.

1. The Big Easy, Topshop.

2. Lapis of Luxury, Essie.

3. King Tut’s Gem, Jessica.

4. No Room for the Blues, O.P.I.