Hareem Pants… Begrudgingly

9 Jun

I always swore that I would never wear hareem pants. Despite how many shops tried to thrust them upon me, I always thought I would refuse. The look of them alone makes me feel a little queasy. To me, they just made a person look as if they were wearing a giant adult nappy.  That’s right, they are the trousers for the incontinent. The saggy crotch struck me as utterly unflattering and well, just plain weird.

That was until today.

Shuffling around Topshop this morning in a pair of tight-in-all-the-wrong-places skinny jeans that, at the same time as digging in causing me unrivalled discomfort, managed to be loose enough to need constantly hoisting up, I finally fell temptation to a pair of khaki hareem pants that were hanging on the end of a rail eyeing me up: “We wouldn’t fall down, we wouldn’t have a fly zip that constantly undoes itself in public, we wouldn’t be made of rough unforgiving fabric, we would allow you to frolic unbounded in a wide range of weather conditions” And I gave in.

Since I came home and changed into them, I am an absolutely convert. I’m even thinking of getting them in other colours. They are so comfy, and dare I say it, have a certain something about them that really makes an outfit. I’m looking forward to trying them on with other pieces from my wardrobe and seeing what sort of looks I can create.

A rather Topshop-heavy outfit, but hey, if it ain’t broke…

1. 1/2 Sleeve Body in White, £14. Topshop.

2. Hareem Trousers in Khaki, £25. Topshop.

3. Sequin Disc Collar, £20. Topshop.

4. Metallic Stripe Cross Body Bag, £28. Topshop.

5. Nightingale Bead Cuff, Black Leather. £55. Office.


One of a Kind

8 Jun

Whilst browsing for style inspiration earlier, I came across a picture of, um, an Olsen and whilst originally glancing at it quickly as just a rather plain casual outfit, I did a double-take and realised that, in fact, I liked it very much. The way in which the sparkly evening bag is pared with a very casual slouchy outfit makes me very happy indeed makes it look effortless and quirky at the same time. And whilst I despise white sunglasses (so have substituted with tortoiseshell) this. on the whole, is a look that I could live in for a long time. Plus, with my recent bag downsizing agenda, this is a perfect solution.

1. Leather Weave Belt in Pale Camel, £25. Oasis.

2. Choc Raglan Grandad T-Shirt, £15. Dorothy Perkins.

3. Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer in Light Tortoise, £88. Sunglasses-Shop.co.uk

4. Chain Envelope Gold Turnlock Cross Body Bag, £20. Accessorize.


6 Jun

I think Edie Sedgwick is one of the best beauty inspirations around. Her unique look can be imititated for both daytime and evening purposes. For day, it can be pared down with just a simple slick of lip colour, a smudge of eyeliner in the outer corners of the eyes and a coat of mascara. For the night time look, go the whole hog – flawless skin, intense dark eyes and pale baby pink lips.

1. Extra Super Lash Mascara Curved Brush, Rimmel.

2. BadGal Eyeliner, Benefit.

3. Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips, E.L.F.

4. Soft Finish Makeup, Clinique.

5. Anticerne Pour Petits Matins Concealer, Bourjois.

5. Brightening Eye Color in Drama. E.L.F.

Hippy Chic

5 Jun

We threw a party last night and despite copious cocktails and a 5am bedtime, I woke up this morning only a few hours after going to sleep feeling incredibly bright and spritely and cleaned the flat from top to bottom. It’s now spotless and I find myself sat stretched out on the sofa looking out over a beautiful sunny day whilst everyone is still asleep upstairs . All this hot weather is making me want to break away from my usual style of clean lines and neutral colours to embrace the hippy within with patterns, prints, swishy fabrics, bright colours, bangles and beads.

1. Chain Floppy Hat, £22. Topshop.

2. Floral Bandeau Maxi Dress, £30. Topshop.

3. Pink Printed Maxi Dress, £30. Miss Selfridge.

4. Farrin Printed Maxi Dress, £430. Diane von Furstenberg.

5. Belle & Mimi Shell Detail Cuff Sandal, £40. Barratts.

6. 8 80s Tortoise Flat Top Plastic Sunglasses, £14. Accesorize.

TopFour: Black Asymmetric Dress

4 Jun

After finishing my final ever exam on Wednesday morning, the last few days have been rather a whirlwind. I went out to an end of term party last night and needed a dress to wear that was dressy but not too formal – something my wardrobe seems to be lacking. I went for a simple little black dress, but with an asymettric shoulder to make it more edgy and modern. The first one here from TopShop was a great choice – it was affordable but still looked great. Here it is with three other styles that I think are equally stylish.

1. One Shoulder Bandage Dress, £45. Topshop.

2. One Shoulder Ruffle Dress, £28. Warehouse.

3. Asymmetric Silk Mini Dress, Milly. £332.

4. Patrol Cotton Asymmetric Dress, French Connection. £85.

Prima Ballerina

1 Jun

I’ve had a slight obsession with ballerinas lately and have been pirouetting and leaping my way around my house, albeit with all the grace of a baby elephant (we have a few less plates than we did a week ago). However, even if I cannot imitate ballerinas in movement, at least I can attempt in style. These are a few of my favourites.

1. Nude Lace Back Top, £30. Miss Selfridge.

2. Broderie Cutwork Skirt, £50. Warehouse.

3.  1/2 Sleeve Body in Cream, £14. Topshop.

4. Feather Skirt, £80. Oasis.

5. Nude Leather Ballerina Shoe, £25. Miss Selfridge.

6. Embellished Bow Headband, £10. Topshop.

Summer Staples

31 May

Ever since I have started buying my own bags, they seem to have got bigger and bigger every time I purchase a new one so I find myself now, at the grand old age of 21, hauling around half of my life on my right shoulder, and suffering the backpain for it! So, I have decided to begin my bag downsizing and what a better way to start than with this elegant Whistles satchel-style bag and these  summery accesories to match.

1. Aubrey Messenger Bag, £185. Whistles.

2. Camille Classic Metal Arm Sunglasses, £80. Whistles.

3. Sports Watch in White, £15. Oasis.

4. Mother of Pearl and Bead Trim Stetson, £20. Accesorize.