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Reiss On

13 Mar

I have been feeling a little bit in the style doldrums recently and after lengthy sessions browsing the websites of my favourite highstreet shops and occasionally venturing in to one, I haven’t really found anything that stood out and really grabbed me.

So it was with great pleasure that I stumbled across the Reiss 1971 collection and these three images. To me, these three outfits define what I like about clothes – effortless yet incredibly stylish; fancy free yet edgy.

If only the weather hear was a little bit warmer and I didn’t have such a nasty habit of mishaps with my lunch whenever (literally, EVERY time) I wear light coloured jeans.



Hello Autumn

19 Sep

My last post, almost three months ago, announced the arrival of summer and the long weekends away that it brought with it. It seems that I took more than a long weekend away from this blog – caught up in summer holidays, leaving London temporarily and ending my days as a student. However, my return to London also signals a return to this blog. And now that the nights are getting darker, the air chillier and my days busier, I can indulge in clothes I count as my second skin – chunky knits, cosy boots, fleecy jackets in an equally brooding palette of deep sea greens, rich burgundies, zingy ochres, and indulgent browns. I can attend bonfires and drink mulled wine. Shuffle, red of cheek, into my favourite pub and snuggle up by the fireplace with old friends for hours. Ladies and Gentlemen, Autumn has returned.

1. Faux Sheepskin Flying Jacket, £78. Topshop.

2. Jamie Jeans in Camel, £40. Topshop.

3. Double-Breasted Wool Jacket, £495. Smythe.

4. Korr Lace Up in Brown Leather. £92. Office.

Over the Rainbow

22 Jun

Sometimes, when putting together at outfit, my childish side comes out and I find myself with a giant bow in my hair, cartoon socks or, in this case, rainbow nails. There have been a lot of pastel nails around this summer and it’s difficult to choose between a rosy pink or an apple green, a lavender or a sunny yellow, or my current favourite – a beautiful sky blue. Why not all five? One colour per finger. Here is my ideal rainbow combination.

1. Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot, O.P.I.

2. Bees Knees, Topshop.

3. Gargantuan Green Grape, O.P.I.

4. The Big Easy, Topshop.

5. Do You Lilac It? O.P.I.

Prints Charming

20 Jun

I know that prints are all the rage at the moment and I’ve been trying to look for the perfect printed item. The problem is though, I am too much a fan of nice, clean lines and beautiful non-fussy clothing to adorn myself in raging florals or cluttered animal prints. Luckily, there is one type of print which I would gladly cover myself in: the simple silhouette print. This bunny scarf with a black leotard worn under black skinny jeans would look incredibly elegant. Similarly, the Primp thermal would be very chic with an otherwise all black ensemble and swept back hair.

1. Rabbit Print Scarf, £16. Oasis.

2. Owl Long-Sleeve Thermal Tee, $29.99. Primp.

One of a Kind

8 Jun

Whilst browsing for style inspiration earlier, I came across a picture of, um, an Olsen and whilst originally glancing at it quickly as just a rather plain casual outfit, I did a double-take and realised that, in fact, I liked it very much. The way in which the sparkly evening bag is pared with a very casual slouchy outfit makes me very happy indeed makes it look effortless and quirky at the same time. And whilst I despise white sunglasses (so have substituted with tortoiseshell) this. on the whole, is a look that I could live in for a long time. Plus, with my recent bag downsizing agenda, this is a perfect solution.

1. Leather Weave Belt in Pale Camel, £25. Oasis.

2. Choc Raglan Grandad T-Shirt, £15. Dorothy Perkins.

3. Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer in Light Tortoise, £88.

4. Chain Envelope Gold Turnlock Cross Body Bag, £20. Accessorize.

Hippy Chic

5 Jun

We threw a party last night and despite copious cocktails and a 5am bedtime, I woke up this morning only a few hours after going to sleep feeling incredibly bright and spritely and cleaned the flat from top to bottom. It’s now spotless and I find myself sat stretched out on the sofa looking out over a beautiful sunny day whilst everyone is still asleep upstairs . All this hot weather is making me want to break away from my usual style of clean lines and neutral colours to embrace the hippy within with patterns, prints, swishy fabrics, bright colours, bangles and beads.

1. Chain Floppy Hat, £22. Topshop.

2. Floral Bandeau Maxi Dress, £30. Topshop.

3. Pink Printed Maxi Dress, £30. Miss Selfridge.

4. Farrin Printed Maxi Dress, £430. Diane von Furstenberg.

5. Belle & Mimi Shell Detail Cuff Sandal, £40. Barratts.

6. 8 80s Tortoise Flat Top Plastic Sunglasses, £14. Accesorize.

Prima Ballerina

1 Jun

I’ve had a slight obsession with ballerinas lately and have been pirouetting and leaping my way around my house, albeit with all the grace of a baby elephant (we have a few less plates than we did a week ago). However, even if I cannot imitate ballerinas in movement, at least I can attempt in style. These are a few of my favourites.

1. Nude Lace Back Top, £30. Miss Selfridge.

2. Broderie Cutwork Skirt, £50. Warehouse.

3.  1/2 Sleeve Body in Cream, £14. Topshop.

4. Feather Skirt, £80. Oasis.

5. Nude Leather Ballerina Shoe, £25. Miss Selfridge.

6. Embellished Bow Headband, £10. Topshop.