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Hareem Pants… Begrudgingly

9 Jun

I always swore that I would never wear hareem pants. Despite how many shops tried to thrust them upon me, I always thought I would refuse. The look of them alone makes me feel a little queasy. To me, they just made a person look as if they were wearing a giant adult nappy.  That’s right, they are the trousers for the incontinent. The saggy crotch struck me as utterly unflattering and well, just plain weird.

That was until today.

Shuffling around Topshop this morning in a pair of tight-in-all-the-wrong-places skinny jeans that, at the same time as digging in causing me unrivalled discomfort, managed to be loose enough to need constantly hoisting up, I finally fell temptation to a pair of khaki hareem pants that were hanging on the end of a rail eyeing me up: “We wouldn’t fall down, we wouldn’t have a fly zip that constantly undoes itself in public, we wouldn’t be made of rough unforgiving fabric, we would allow you to frolic unbounded in a wide range of weather conditions” And I gave in.

Since I came home and changed into them, I am an absolutely convert. I’m even thinking of getting them in other colours. They are so comfy, and dare I say it, have a certain something about them that really makes an outfit. I’m looking forward to trying them on with other pieces from my wardrobe and seeing what sort of looks I can create.

A rather Topshop-heavy outfit, but hey, if it ain’t broke…

1. 1/2 Sleeve Body in White, £14. Topshop.

2. Hareem Trousers in Khaki, £25. Topshop.

3. Sequin Disc Collar, £20. Topshop.

4. Metallic Stripe Cross Body Bag, £28. Topshop.

5. Nightingale Bead Cuff, Black Leather. £55. Office.



1 May

This outfit was perfect for a very casual afternoon drink with an old friend in a beer garden of the Abbey Tavern in Camden. Little did I know when I set off that the Camden Crawl was happening today so not only did I enjoy a nice cold glass of rosé on a roof terrace but also got to see a variety of stand up comedians perform throughout the afternoon.

1. Espadrilles, £14.99. Office.

2. Leggings, £12; vest, £14; and blazer, £60. Topshop.

3. Bag, £35. Accesorize.