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Rate Kate?

18 May

I watched the Kate Moss video advertising her Topshop range this morning, which can be found here. And then I watched it again, with a strange look of bewilderment creeping across my face.

Is it just me, or is there something horrifically, well, cringe-inducing about it? It’s like watching a very drunk girl in a club trying desperately to get any male attention she can; all hair swished across her face and desperate attempts at ‘come to bed’ stares. I had to turn it off half way through the second viewing.

As for the clothes, well I can’t really say much because they are mostly obscured by the bizarre too-bright-to-see-anything lighting and Kate’s insane hair tossing. It goes everywhere! However, going on previous Kate Moss collections, I can’t say I have high hopes. I have always been very wary of her section in TopShop as all the designs seem a bit contrived. It’s as if she took nice looking simple items and just threw colourful buttons and weird embroidery at them, then cut it up a bit asymettrically and then revealed it to an awed crowd. Not for me, even being one of the most diehard Topshop fans around.