Amongst the Flowers

15 May

I think I shall call this the ‘vintage picnic’ trend. To try it out, look for beautifully flowy florals and light airy fabrics and aim for just the right amount of kitsch but with a grown up elegance too. To save it from being too saccharine and girly, add a touch of masculinity in the form of brogue-esque or lace-up shoes.

1. ‘Attention Please’ shoe, Office. £55.

2.’Arthur Daily’ shoe, Office. £45.

3. Printed Heart Stud Earrings, Accesorize. £4.

4. Nude Lace Trim Dress, Miss Selfridge. £35.

5. Floral Printed Day Dress, Miss Selfridge. £45.


One Response to “Amongst the Flowers”

  1. katie 15/05/2010 at 11:40 pm #

    thanks for the comment lovely- this vintage picnic post is cute and i love your denim shirt comparison- i have a topshop one but suprised i prefer the new look offerings!xx
    fashion clocked

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