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TopFour : Denim Shirts

30 Apr

Now this is something I never thought I’d say: I want a denim shirt.

It seems strange that after overdosing on denim as a child in the mid-nineties I swore never again to wear denim above the waist but I feel oddly drawn to an oversized slouchy denim shirt, worn with black ankle leggings and white pumps with messy swept back hair looking as if I’d just arrived on a horse galloping wildly across plains and pastures instead of trudging up and down escalators on the london underground.

1. Icewash Denim Shirt, £25. New Look.

2. Longline Denim Shirt, £20. New Look

3. Bleach Denim Oversize Shirt, £30. TopShop.

4. Western Shirt, £38. Oasis.



30 Apr

‘Nude’ is a colour I had never considered wearing until about a week ago when I saw a girl in a beautiful peachy-pink silk tunic getting onto the tube. Since then, I have had a mild obsessions with the colour. There is something so wonderfully fresh and elegant about it whilst also seeming very relaxed and not at all try-too-hard. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend decking yourself out head-to-toe in the colour, one carefully chosen item looks stunning. I would wear the jumper with dark grey skinny jeans or leggings and white pumps or the peach jeans with a simple white tshirt and black belt.

1. Peach Jeans, £40. Topshop.

2. Nude Lace Vest, £18. Miss Selfridge.

3. Midnight Flower Statement Headband, £10. Accesorize.

4. Knitted Pointelle Jumper, £35. Topshop.

5. Meadow Peplum Tunic, £38. Topshop.

Going Coconuts

26 Apr

As the days slowly edge towards summer I find myself craving coconut-ty scents. Just the smell seems to transport me away to a luxurious beach holiday and make the less-than-tropical London weather slightly more bearable.

1. Organix Coconut Shampoo,

2. The Pink Cow Coconut Creme Shower Gel

3. Famous Dave’s Coconut Body Butter

4. The Body Shop Coconut Soap

5. Philosophy Coconut Lip Frosting

TopFour : Shoes fit for a Ballerina

26 Apr

With all the walking I do around London, comfortable shoes are an absolute necessity. Recently I have been looking for some beautiful ballet pumps that actually look like the ballerina shoes I used to wear to lessons when I was little.

1. Office, £35 here

2. Topshop, £16 here

3. Oasis, £35 here

4. Schuh, £19.99 here